Thursday, 19 March 2015

New classroom, new displays, new resources.

The senior students moved into the new Kia Manawanui open plan learning environment in Week 4. It was a relief to be moving from the hall into our very own space! The students felt quite special to have brand new classrooms and also new lockers to set them apart as seniors. 

The new classroom has lovely high ceilings which leads to lots of natural light in the room but means that ladders are necessary to put any displays up!

As I grow more accustomed to my new classroom I have begun to decorate the walls with resources, learning activities and our students' learning journeys. 

In response to the needs of the students I have created a poster to refer to when posting work on their learning blogs.

The Tamaki Primary and Manaiakalani ethos of Learn, Create, Share is displayed in relation to the literacy cycle here. This outlines the different stages of writing for the students to follow.

Here is our writer's corner with different frameworks and scaffolds for students to refer to - this year the writing genre is recount.

And here are some photos of the actual learning space - this is the year 7 homeroom.

This term we are focusing on focusing how to interact and learn within our new environment. It is an ongoing process and one that I will be reflecting on regularly through the year.